We may brave human laws, but we cannot resist natural ones

LexisNexis® CounselLink® is known for being in the forefront when it comes to innovation. We’ve made it our focus to listen to the needs of our customers, and one of the ways that we’ve done this is by hosting a series of regional conferences.
In a previous article on our blog we already discussed creating multiple room types to improve the commercial positioning of your hotel. Using your rooms to merchandise your hotel, will result in auto-upselling by guests, we concluded. But there is more to it. It allows you to build up a comprehensive rate grid with a multitude of price points. Having a wide range of room types at our disposal, with a well defined product variation, allows us to reach different buyer (aka potential guest) budget level.
The Power of Reporting
In the early days of revenue management yield managers used to work with price BAR levels. However this practice in the age of dynamic pricing is a bit outdated. It limits you to work only within a predefined set of rates.But what if there is demand to sell your rooms can sell at a higher price? Or what if you need to go lower during distressed periods.We prefer with a fully flexible pricing matrix, which allows for any rate.
But you can also decide to use your room categories to capture extra occupancy in a low demand period. You can decide not close your basic room categories, and oversell them to capture extra volume. This way you don’t have to adjust your pricing, and stay-through rates are not up and down for each day of the week.

  • Avoid paying state franchise taxes for the year in which registration forms were submitted
  • Have ample time to sort out other requirements
  • Creating operating agreements, establishing a board of directors

Different states have different rules as to how far in advance they will receive a delayed filing. Usually, the requirement is to file between 30 to 90 days before the desired effective date. So, for business owners wanting an effective date of January 1, 2019, now is an excellent time to check out the rules that apply to them as we’re in that 30- to 90-day window now. Check with your state or contact my team at CorpNet to find out how far in advance you can file.



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